Coming off a rich two weeks full of acting, script analysis, improv, watching theater and television, I am giving myself a day of rest and cookies.

I cannot say enough about Tsunami by Jalila Baccar at the PEN World Voices Festival. Loosely based on Antigone, Tsunami is a war play told in three "waves" about events before, during and after a series of revolutions. The oppressed often rise up and then themselves become the oppressors without even realizing that they are committing the same acts of violence, terror and oppression in the name of another cause. Will we learn from our history?

Our director (Saheem Ali) worked collaboratively with the cast, making us all feel like equal participants in the dialogue. In only one rehearsal, we really delved into the play and shaped its presentation. One thing that was a challenge to suggest was the incredible imagery. The images in the play are both beautiful and terrifying, and I would love to see a fully staged production of it in New York.

After the reading, I needed a little levity, so it was off to UCB for my Improv 301 grad show. I had the great fortune of playing with the funniest group of people. The highlight was watching the other team dig deep with Star Wars references. My kind of players (read: nerds)!!! :)