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Finally Fall!

This April marked the premiere of two of my projects: People you Know on Here TV (America's only gay network) in which I am a series regular, and the new NBC series American Odyssey. And my episode of MTV's One Bad Choice unexpectedly became the premiere episode on July 9! 

Also recently, I returned to my theater (and cultural!) roots and embarked on an incredible musical journey. I was honored to be a part of the first pre-Broadway Industry Reading of Monsoon Wedding.

Now, I am heading back into training and getting back to work with some incredible voiceover and vocal coaches. See below for more info and check out the blog section for my musings on my projects!

People you Know premieres in primetime!

People you Know premiered on Here TV, America's only Gay Network, on April 3!
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Booked: THREE Readings!

I absolutely love working to share as many stories as possible, and I worked with four organizations to do just that! ANERA, the Treehouse Theater, the PEN World Voices Festival and with Mira Nair on Monsoon Wedding.
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BOOKED: The mysteries of Laura and odyssey

I have a juicy little scene with Debra Messing and Max Jenkins that aired last November and played a reporter on the new NBC show American Odyssey. Check it out!
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Salma Accepts HHA_042511.jpg

Smart. Spirited.


Smart. Spirited.


I am an actress, entrepreneur and computer hack.

A lifetime education enthusiast, I am a graduate of Stanford, MIT, Harvard and the Studio Theatre Acting Conservatory and am currently training at the Upright Citizens Brigade in long-form improv and with Bob Krakower and Ted Sluberski. You can frequently find me in front of Rosetta Stone.




The #1 question people always ask me: why?

Imagination leads to new ideas and simply makes the world a better place. Through my work, I want to create an impact and inspire people. But, yes, I was a rocket scientist. So, challenge me to a game of Scrabble. I dare you. 

The Professional

Determined, ambitious and competitive, she takes on challenges and gets results. She could be your practical ally in the corporate world... or your snarky nemesis.

The Mastermind

Hyper intelligent, she knows that she knows more than you and applies it creatively, whether it is for good... or for evil. Will she join the CIA or become an international jewel thief?

The Mother

Selfless, warm and loving, she protects her children at all costs and is often the den mother in her circle of friends and the caretaker of the family.